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Band-a-thon 2023

We are so excited to present our Band-A-Thon Donation Fundraiser! This is a fundraiser directly related to the very heart of what we’re about. Here’s how it works: AMS band students and parents are asked to collect donations from friends and family now through Friday, February 17, 2023. As a culminating celebration, students will haveContinue reading “Band-a-thon 2023”

2020 Fundraisers End—Updates

SmartMusic The SmartMusic fundraiser exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the awesome support of our parents and community, after fees we were able to raise $2,621! Our goal was $1,600, with the actual cost of SmartMusic being $3500. Bandboosters will cover the outstanding cost. Thank you to everyone for helping all our students to have access toContinue reading “2020 Fundraisers End—Updates”